Steve Reinke



Portfolio F 10 silk screened prints in an edition of 14 + 1 AP, 22x30", BFK Rives 250 GSM, 2021 

Portfolio E 10 silk screened prints in an edition of 14 + 1 AP, 22x30", BFK Rives 250 GSM, 2020

Portfolio D  10 silk screened prints in an edition of 14 + 1 AP, 22x30", BFK Rives 250 GSM, 2019 

Portfolio C 10 silk screened prints in an edition of 14 + 1 AP, 22x30", BFK Rives 250 GSM, 2018

Portfolio B 10 silk screened prints in an edition of 14 + 1 AP, 22x30", BFK Rives 250 GSM, 2017

Portfolio A 10 silk screened prints in an edition of 14 + 1 AP, 22x30", BFK Rives 250 GSM, 2016

Contemporary Art Daily, Steve Reinke at Isabella Bortolozzi




Human Events: Final Thoughts Series Five work-in-progress

The Genital is Superfluous: Final Thoughts Series Four 73 min., 2016

Rib Gets In the Way: Final Thoughts Series Three 53 min., 2014

The Tiny Ventriloquist: Final Thoughts Series Two 61 min., 2012

Final Thoughts, Series One 83 min., 2007

Interim Videos 1996 – 2002

The Hundred Videos 289 min., 1989 — 1996



Elijah Burgher

Dani Leventhal

John Marriott

Jessie Mott

James Richards




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Other Works

The American Military Casualties of the Second Gulf War for Whom Photographs Were Available as of November 6, 2006 Arranged by Attractiveness. Four archival inkjet prints, 2007.

Untitled. Felt, found fabric, 2007.

Empathy. Felt, 2007.

History. Felt, 2007.

No Means / All Ends . Archival inkjet print, 2007.

Guernica, Drawing and found photograph on paper, 2005

Elaborated Frames, Three drawings with found photographs, 2005

Flask, Engraved pewter flask, multiple, 2004

The Flawed and the Fallen, Found Polaroids with metallic leaf, 2004

Painter, Single channel video installation, vertical orienation, 2004

Duck, Drawings, pigemented gel medium on vellum, 2004

Anal Masturbation and Object Loss, Bookwork and print, 2002

Duchamp Wipe, Audio installation / bookwork, 2000

Living in Los Angeles, Three slides for projection in a movie theatre, Curated by Karen Atkinson, Los Angeles, 1999

Untitled, Set of seven laser prints, edition of 33, 1998

Dear Felix, Handwritten text on Gonzales-Torres paper, 1998

Incidents of Travel, Bookwork, 1998

Treehouse, Installation, Power Plant, 1998

Collaborative Drawings, with Jay Wilson, 1998

Collaborative Paintings, with Jay Wilson, 1998

My new boyfriend, Billboard, 1997

The Year in Dreams, Chapbook, Sugar Press, 1997

Mr. Green, Intercative CD-ROM, 1996

Dermaboy, Photograph, 1996



Blogger's reaction to Anthology of American Folk Song at Monkey Town

Invitational Bookwork, YYZ, 1999

Invitation, Collected Portable Works: Videos, Books & Drawings, Argos and Etablissement d'En Face, Brussels, 1998

Exhibition documentation, Roebling Hall, Williamsburg, 1998

Handwritten texts, Larchmont Hotel stationery, c. 1998

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Promotional card, VHS edition of The Hundred Videos, Art Metropole, 1997

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Oboro pamphlet, Montreal, 1992/93

Expect Death, Stray image, circa 90